-- for a human society and a weighting policy

Composition of the co-workers

Country Delegates: 

Each country is represented by one person. He or she represents his/her country, places requests, receives inquiries, provides statements and coordinates off to resolutions and laws.     

There are 4 areas, whereas in the first step the large organizations are represented and in the second step they are determined by elections .

There are 4 substantial main groups. In the first step established organizations are used. In the second step they are elected by all member countries on majority basis.

a) Organizations, which support peace and security. (Amnesty international, Médecins Sans Frontières, and so on)

b) Organizations, which support a fair economic system and the further economy development (Global Marshal plan, and so on)   

c) Organizations, which support the protection of humans, animals, nature and environment (Global Care, Animals Angels, Greenpeace, Medico International, and so on.)   

d) Ethics council - compound from (alternative -) Nobel Prize winners, pioneers of the depth ecology, scientific masterminds, theologians, shamans etc. - under the condition to judge decisions, which concern future generations (Vandana Shiva, Joanna Macy, Hans Peter dry, Jakob von Uexkuell, professor Hans Kueng, Galsan Tschinag, and so on)           

Green Berets:  
Each country provides 0.8 /000 of their population as trained specialists. They are unarmed. Green Berets are specialized women and men.

They gain their education in cross-country trainings to ensure that the international understanding starts right there. The entire training is based on most modern technology and most efficient achievement.

The training period depends from the described requirements and is aligned to international criteria.  Trained women and men are normally used in their own countries, are however at any time call ready for international assignments.  

Occupation emphasis by Green Berets is to be found essentially within the range relating to crafts, for example in mechanical engineering, electro-technology, communications technology, agrarian technology etc., in addition, within the logistics range and/or science range.  

In their own countries they will be used for the reconstruction of public facilities, help with large accidents, support within natural catastrophes, etc..

In foreign countries they will work on: large accidents, natural catastrophes, in hunger emergency areas and so on.   

Blue Berets:
  They are armed. Their task is it to convert the issued resolutions and laws.

Red Berets:  
Specialists, who focus on world-wide terrorism, corruption and crime. Rotation principle is used.   

Yellow Berets:  
Responsible for the adherence to the international agreements.   


White Berets:  
Employment for world-wide of minimum standard in the health service, employment with military assignments and disasters.