-- for a human society and a weighting policy

A country (in example Uganda ) asks the United Nations for help:

- The country delegate of Uganda asks the UN for help. In the north of the country the rebel leader Joseph Kony - with approx. 2000 rebels- (mainly child soldiers, who were imprisoned taken and trained for killing), who call themselves  LRA (Lord' s Resistance Army) drives his nuisance. Even governmental troops are frightened by the brutality of these small groups. More than 30,000 children are already victims of this war.

- By majority decision of country delegates and organizations a resolution is adopted for solution. The resolution is binding for all 191 states. (Veto objections, as given in the past, are not possible any longer).   

- The military (blue berets) with its special forces, - compound from the different countries, - gets the task to take the rebel leader and its fighters imprisoned.   

- After the successful arrest the handover of the prisoners to the international Court of Justice will take place.   

The Palestine conflict   

The ethics council gives an input to the UN with the objective to solve the Palestine conflict in peaceful kind. Basis is the contract of Camp David , negotiated by Jimmy Carter, Palestine - leader Arafat and Israel ’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak in 2000.

The unsettled part (status Jerusalem ) is going by to be solved to make Jerusalem to a free peace city (UN seat in Jerusalem , promotion of the together of Christians, Muslims and Jews). The whole Middle East will be urgently developed to a weapon-free zone, yellow berets supervises the agreements.

Concrete walls are pulled down and the peaceful next to each other will be supported by conditions worth living. The objective is to replace hate and enmity by peaceful living conditions next to each other. Radical leaders- on all sides - the right to high political administrative bodies is refused.   

Human right organization “Human Right Watch“ experiences from violations of human rights in the country XX 

Human right representatives (like all representatives from organizations) can raise accusation.  If by majority decision of all country delegates and organizations are decided to follow up within this information then red berets are used.

Government representatives can - with proof of violations of human rights in their country- be suspended from office. A new government - set up by the UN – will replace them.

 Atomic, chemical or biological weapons in a country are found

The monitoring on weapon-freeness of atomic, chemical or biological kind is supervised by the yellow berets.

If there are chemical or biological weapons are found - against the agreement - , the responsible people will have to answer for it in front of the International Court of Justice.

A Tsunami flood several islands  

Green berets are responsible for the coordination and the management of this natural disaster. They also make the necessary personnel available (dog relays, driver of region vehicles, pilots, nurses, geologist, message technician etc.).  They bring heavy equipment on site, (rescue ships, airplanes, helicopters, excavators, clearing vehicles, hospital wards, covers and tents etc.), take care about the water supply, food, medicines, structure of hospital wards and emergency accommodations, evacuation of hurt one, etc., supply necessary technical realizations (satellite photographs, seismographic realizations etc.) 

White berets provide necessary personnel (doctors, nurses and male nurses) worry about patients, hurts (emergency operations, passing on of hurt one to green berets with the measure for the evacuation of hurt one etc.).  

Blue berets see their task in preventing marauds and to guarantee the security from white and green berets. 

A nuclear power plant is destroyed 

A nuclear power plant and/or a temporary storage facility can be destroyed in most diverse kind (terrorist raid, aircraft crash, earthquake etc.).

In order to guarantee, that as little atomic radiation withdraws as possible it must be acted as fast as possible.

Green berets are responsible for the coordination and management of this disaster. They are also responsible for evacuation activities.

They provide appropriate overalls etc. to the necessary personnel (pilot, doctors, male nurses and nurses etc.).

They coordinate the escape routes for residents.  They make appropriate equipment available (helicopter with concrete release).

White berets with overalls look after injured people and residents and supply them with appropriate medicines.  

Hunger emergency in a country 

Green berets are responsible for the coordination and management of this disaster.

Apart from these tasks they are responsible for the following points:  the immediate assistance with the goal that humans not die of hunger. Furthermore they need to provide a long-term solution which enables the affected population to help themselves (reafforestation, irrigation of field, yield of seeds etc.)      

Water shortage in a country

The task of the UN – together with the organisations and the country delegates - includes the development of a long-term solution for the prevention from water shortage.

Green berets work on immediate solutions with the goal that humans do not die with thirst.

Also on long-term solutions with the goal of providing the necessary water for the population (water treatment plants, drillings after water, establishment of water pipelines, reafforestation)